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I started taking MaxOne regularly in April 2012. Prior to this, I've had some health challenges which is common to most of Malaysian folks nowadays. Just to name a few: insomnia, sinus, backache, stiff neck, etc. These health challenges were affecting my daily works and gradually even my career. I was not able to focus, I was emotional, unapproachable and unable to sit for long period of time, etc. I'm a senior engineer in a multinational oil & gas company, dealing with people from many countries and leading a group of junior engineers in multibillion dollar projects. So you can imagine the work pressure on me. I attributed my health challenges mainly to the constant work pressure. And it was fast deteriorating each year.


After taking MaxOne, miraculously things started to change. I was sleeping like a baby at night. I haven't had this feeling for years. Because of good sleep, my health started to improve.  MaxOne replenish the glutathione which helps to produce delta wave sleep. I no longer suffer from bad backache, and my stiff neck had completely disappeared! I believe the backache and stiff neck are due to oxidative stress - accumulation of free radical. MaxOne has replenished my body glutathione to neutralize the free radicals. Persistence sinus is a sign of poor immune system. Restored level of glutathione boost my immune level, hence the sinus attack is a rare event for me since then.


Cellgevity was introduced in July 2012. After knowing Cellgevity is packed with other 12 ingredients to supplement Riboceine in glutathione making process, I immediately switched from MaxOne to Cellgevity. And the effect is even more profound!

I still take Cellegivity 250mg each day.


Eric Chia


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Testimonials around the world


At 48, NBA Hall-of-Famer Chris Mullin can now work out like he did in his twenties-2 hours a day!



At 41, Tina Markham lost everything she valued to fatigue-At 51 she's more active than ever!


At 30, World Champion Boxer Yuri Gamboa is "breezing" through his training and fights and is 21-0!



At 56, Dr. Luis Fuentes is winning races against cyclists half his age!



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Chuck Norris - "Don't Just Live Your Life, Max It!"">Chuck Norris - "Don't Just Live Your Life, Max It!" video

“Because of Cellgevity, I have totally lost all the pain that occurs in my right thumb due to an old soccer injury of breaking it twice. I can now open things with my hand that I haven't been able to for along while! I have also been without inflammation in my left knee! I had an ACL repair in 1997 and I was starting to think that I was going to have it repaired again until I started taking Cellgevity! It has been truly amazing how much change I have felt in my body since taking this wonderful product!”
Jessica Suggs - Greenbrier, TN

“Since taking Cellgevity I have felt like a new person. My feelings of depression and anxiety have decreased so much that I have stopped taking two antidepressants and a sleeping pill. I have become more physically active. Cellgevity increases my attention span so I can read and study my Bible. Many people have commented on my countenance.”
Rita Sarkisian - Paris, TN

“Since taking Cellgevity I have felt stronger and healthier mentally and physically. I complete my workouts in shorter time and recover sooner. I have been free from illness and injury. I feel less stress.” Jennifer Coleman - Paris, TN
“I’ve definitely noticed that my hip does not hurt, and my skin cancer has healed super fast. My doctor was impressed. He said that he thought that he would have to take a 2nd layer off when I went to my follow up last week and I told him about Cellgevity!”
Bonnie Aksterowicz - Nashville, TN

“I previously took MaxGXL, and had amazing results with energy improvements, relief from joint pain and mental clarity and focus. But when I started on Cellgevity, these results were greatly amplified. My mental clarity escalated to the point where I felt I was finally looking through a clean windshield! I wish I could say my ‘senior moments’ have disappeared, but they have definitely been lessened.”
Gordon Adams - Knoxville, TN

“Six years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, which later led to depression and anxiety. I went the natural route to get help from all the issues I was having due to my illnesses. I was taking 13 different supplements 3 times a day. They worked for the most part, but I couldn't seem to get back the energy that I had lost. For the past 3 months I have been taking Cellgevity and FINALLY I have my energy back! It is amazing how much energy I have now since I have experienced this product! I highly recommend it to anyone that has issues with their energy level!”
Cam Suggs - Greenbrier, TN

“When I began taking Cellgevity, even after taking the other Max glutathione accelerating products, I noticed an even deeper sleep and that I need less sleep altogether. This allows me more time during the day! Cellgevity is no doubt the mother of all glutathione accelerators! There is no other supplement that can do what Cellgevity can do!”
Brent Dillahunty - Huntingdon, TN

“I have an inherited tendency to varicose veins; my mother's were so bad she had vein stripping done when she was in her late 50's or early 60's. Mine looked so bad last summer, I rarely wore shorts when out in public, and was seriously considering having them injected to get them to disappear. They seem to be fading over the last couple of months, as well as decreasing in size. Some of the smaller ones are almost gone. Also, yesterday when I went to the pulmonologist for my 6 month check-up on my sleep apnea and use of my sleep machine, my blood pressure was 106/57. The medical assistant asked me if I had gone on BP meds, because mine has been 130's/80's every time she has checked it in the past. I guess the same cellular health that lowers blood pressure may also strengthen the veins to possibly improve varicose veins.”
Marylin Gallimore - Puryear, TN

“Six years ago I had a head injury that left me with many cognitive challenges and constant debilitating headaches. Before taking Cellgevity, simple math and even writing a simple paragraph {that would normally take someone a few minutes} would be a huge long drawn-out struggle. Sometimes I could not even accomplish the task. Having a conversation in a public place was overwhelming. The background noise would be so overwhelming I could not hear or concentrate on the conversation. I would have "sensory overload", my brain would just shut down and I wouldn't be able to think or even understand what was being said. It was easier and less painful, physically and emotionally, to stay home.

When I was introduced to Max International I started with MaxOne and then switched to Cellgevity several weeks later when it was introduced. I noticed 10 days into taking MaxOne that some of the short term and long term memory challenges I was struggling with {and thought would be my new normal} were beginning to improve. SInce taking Cellgevity my memory, concentration, focus, and problem solving skills have all been improving. I am able to go to social events and the ‘sensory overload’ is not as common. I am thrilled that I continue to see improvements each week.

Due to the constant debilitating headaches and another long term health issue, it has been years since I have had a good quality of sleep. I would be lucky to get 4 hours of sleep at a time and would always wake up more exhausted than when I went to sleep. Dreaming was rare. My doctor prescribed many natural and prescription remedies. Nothing ever helped. Since taking Cellgevity, I now get 7-9 hours of sleep, feel more rested and have very vivid dreams. I am also beginning to see improvement in the severity of my headaches. I am so thrilled to be experiencing life again! Thank you Max International!” 
Sandra Norris - Arlington, WA

“My wife was presented with the MaxOne product as a possible aid to help her in her healing due to a recent auto accident in which she received multiple injuries. Also we were informed that it could be a source to help me with a high blood pressure problem. We then combined it and also included Cellgevity, but when we finished the MaxOne we continued with only Cellgevity. Within a short time Diane realized the pain she had been experiencing in her left leg during sleep was no longer present. She has also noticed other areas where she no longer has the pain and stiffness. (And this is a lady that just 6 months ago had 2 deflated lungs, 15 cracked ribs, 2 broken shoulder blades, broken cheek bone and 2 broken legs.) If you saw her today, you would never know anything happened!

Also we are both sleeping extremely well — and that alone is a testimonial for me! I’m sleeping and resting better than I have in years! Also I can now have a Jiff Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Why is that unusual? In 2002 I had to undergo 30 radiation treatments and 4 direct chemo treatments to my neck area for cancer at the base of my tongue (never smoked by the way, so always ask your dentist to do an oral inspection). Needless to say there are just a lot of things I can’t swallow and that was one of them. For some reason I can now swallow some foods that I haven’t had since that time. The Cellgevity is the only thing I’ve done different. Also at first, I couldn’t even swallow the capsule, I had to break it apart and dissolve it in juice to get it down. I’m now swallowing the capsule. Blood Pressure? My pressure is staying down with prescribed meds. Just getting the better sleep tells me it’s helping.”
Mac & Diane Caldwell - Paris, TN

“For the last 21 years I have struggled with a debilitating health issue that among other things has weakened my immune system. This winter there was a nasty respiratory illness that went through our community and my family was hit hard . Usually I am the first to get sick and the last to recover; many years I suffer with bronchitis. For weeks, as my family all came down with it, recovered, and then were sick again I was amazed that my immune system was able to keep me from "catching" this illness. Wow... For the first winter, in as long as I can remember, I have not been sick with a respiratory illness or flu.”
Sandra Norris - Arlington, WA

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